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RafaelWare Packaging System (RPAK)

Version 1.0

New release 28/11/2013

RPAK is a new file packaging system developed by RafaelWare Team that allows you to package your files in one file and distribute them securely to anyone without worrying about unauthorized people getting the files.

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Flash Drive Explorer

Version 2.0.2

New version released 04/02/2013

Flash Drive Explorer is a software that should be installed on your flash drive. This software will help you protect and organize data on your flash drive.

This software is designed to work under windows XP and later with .Net Framework 2.0 and later pre-installed.

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Files Wiper

Version 1.1.2

New version released 03/22/2013

Files Wiper is created to help users to fully destroy the files they want to delete and making these files un-recoverable.

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Windows 8 Power Panel
Version 1.0
Version release 4/12/2013
Windows 8 Power Panel is a great tool that gathers all Windowsx 8 power commands in one place, reducing the time needed to reach them.

This software is primarily to work under windows 8, However you can use it under any version of windows that has .Net Framework 4.5 installed on.

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Multi Image Resizer

Version 1.0

Version released 01/06/2013

This software can resize, add a watermark and convert images with ease and speed.
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Multi Yahoo Messenger

Version 1.1

Version released 03/26/2013

Multi Yahoo Messenger allows you open more than one instance of the Yahoo! Messenger so you can log in to more than one account.

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VIP Files Guard

Version 1.0

Version release 08/22/2012

Vip files guard is our software for protecting files and data on your PC by encrypting the files or adding them to a file locker.

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Quick Tools

Version 1.0

Version release 08/04/2012

This simple software helps the users to clean their PCs from the junk files left in their system. It also provides you with a simple encryptor function to protect the files you want to keep secret.

A new version is on its way.

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